We’re changing the way people interact with their agents and advisors.

For Decades, people have been introduced to their financial advisor, insurance agent, and tax professional from a friend, a family member, or simply went to the closest professional to their home. Everything changed once everyone started to adopt computers and smartphones. Now, anyone in the world can access the top 1% of financial professionals without ever leaving their home. Pick and choose the qualities that you want your financial professional to have. Whether you want to talk in person, meet virtually, or work with someone your age and gender, we are here to help.

Our mission

Everyone is in a unique situation, everyone has different goals, and everyone wants the best. We strive to give all families the same level of access to financial planning that the top 1% get... No matter where you live, and how much wealth you have.

Technology moves fast and not every agent and advisor is able to keep up. This is why we believe it is mission critical to partner up with financial professionals across the world. We get them up to speed by providing them with the latest technology and best practices that can only be found at top 10 financial firms.

Our goal is simple, we want to help people plan their future wisely, while playing a role in advancing the financial services industry as a whole.

Our values


Our partners always act in your best interest. We only work with fiduciaries that are legally required to give you unbiased advice.


Experience is of utmost importance. BlueVest only works with professionals who have been in the industry for 5+ years.


BlueVest professionals are transparent with their pricing and will always explain their recommendations in detail.


We take data security seriously. You can trust that we will never provide your data to 3rd parties without your permission.


We value financial planning and believe it should be fun and exciting. Confidence is key when it comes to planning your future.


Our goal is to create positive change that will have a long lasting impact on the lives of our partners, clients, and employees.

Our team

With over a decade of experience in financial services, marketing, and software development, we understand that it's not easy doing things alone. We're ready and excited to help reach your financial goals.

  • Mitchell Muller

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Isaiah Croatt

    Co-Founder / CTO

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